1. Is my data secured at Ticketpro?

Ticketpro requests data from registered users and stores these data in its system. These data are needed to use the service; we are compiling statistical figures about our clients using the service. When storing data, we always apply the most secure methods so that no third party or unauthorized persons could gain access to data. The operator makes statistical analyses from data gained; these compilations only serve statistical purposes and cannot be connected to the individual user in any way. These statistical data are needed to further develop and refine our service. Ticketpro does not forward statistical data of any kind to any third party whatsoever.

2. How can I check the status of my order?

You can check your order's status in webshop after success login.

3. What to do if I lost my ticket?

Az elhagyott, vagy eltulajdonított belépőjegy pótlására az ÁSZF X/13 pontja szerint van lehetőség.

4. What payment methods are available at this site?
A weboldal kétféle fizetési módot kínál fel. Az első az utánvétes fizetési mód. Ebben az esetben a megrendelt jegyeket DHL futárszolgálattal küldjük ki és a jegy vételárát a futárnak kell kifizetni. Fontos, hogy ez a fizetési mód csak a rendezvény dátuma előtt minimum 9 munkanappal vehető igénybe. A másik fizetési mód a bankkártyás fizetés. Ehhez rendelkeznie kell egy dombornyomott bankkártyával. A bankkártyás fizetéshez kétféle szállítási módot is választhat. Kérheti hogy a jegyeket küldjük ki DHL futárszolgálattal, de azokat személyesne is átveheti a sikeres rendeléstől számított második munkanapon a Tiketpro Jegyközpontban, vagy a rendezvény napján a helyszínen, a rendezvény előtt két órával. Az első eset a rendezvény előtt minimum 4 munkanappal választható, a bankkártyás fizetés/személyes átvétel választáshoz nincs időbeli megkötés.
5. Invoice

An e-invoice will be automatically created from your order after the successful payment with your registered data. You can change these data during the order.

We can also change already issued invoice after paying the fee of modification. Please check our Terms and conditions

6. What to do if my show is cancelled?
If a show is cancelled, we try to start up the ticket refund procedure as soon as possible. In case of cancellation we refund the whole amount of the ticket price, but we do not make amends for any additional services you booked or already paid (travel, accomodation, etc.). The tickets are refundable at the place of the original ticket purchase within 30 day counted from the announcement of cancellation. In same case Ticketpro decides to extend this time period until 30 days from the show date, but no longer. Ticketpro always forces the promoter to announce the refund in several public media channel. ON the top of that we alway promote the cancellation in our website. Because the cancellation can be announced and changed anytime, please visit the www.ticketpro.hu site periodically in order not to miss any important information! Out of cancellation we do not refund tickets.
7. What is Ticketpro?
Ticketpro is Hungary’s newest and fastest growing ticket distribution company. You can find our partner offices list in "WHERE TO BUY TICKETS" menu.
8. What is allowed and what is denied at the concert?
Generally it is forbidden to take with you the followings: any kind of recording device (sound or picture, video), food, drink, bottle, gun, drogs, or any other object might be dangerous.
9. What happens with my money at Ticketpro?
Ticketpro is "not using" your money. The ticketing agreement between Ticketpro and the Event Promoter is always requiring the most possible guarantee from the Event Promoter. If theese guarantees are proofed (for exapmle the Event Promoter has cancellation insurance for the event) Ticketpro settles with the ticketing income to the Promoter periodically.
10. What happens to my order at Ticketpro's?

Orders placed with Ticketpro are automatically forwarded to a special order management database. These orders are then processed by our staff within two working days. First, we make sure your payment has arrived if you paid advance with your credit card. If payment has been properly taken care of, we produce your tickets, package and mail them if you selected delivery or deposit them for you to pick them up in TicketA ticket office in case you chose to collect them on your own. You can find our office hours here.

11. What kind of Internet browser is needed to flawlessly display these web pages?
We recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or higher) or Mozzila Firefox 12 (or higher) browser.
12. Ticketpro is responsible for what?
Ticketpro never promotes events and therefore we are not organizing the events, we are not tuning the singer’s voice and not setting up the temperature of the beer in the buffet. We are always try to deal only with the best promoters, nevertheless we can not tae any responsibility after the service the promoter serves you. Therefore you should claim at Ticketpro with the quality of the service you get during buying your ticket, and you shold look after the promoter if you are not satisfied with the event you got. Of course we will make everything possible to guide you during your communication with the event’s promoter, but always keep in mind that the one who sells the ticket and the one who stages the show are different persons.
13. I am unable to log in, what is the problem?
Being unable to log in can be the result of several causes. First, please make sure, you have registered with us. In case you have not, you can still register by clicking on the ‘WEBSHOP’ link in the upper section of the page. If you are still unable to log in, please check whether you have entered your username and password appropriately. These credentials are case sensitive, check whether the Caps Lock key has been activated.