How to buy?

Feb 7, 2011

1. Event Selection

At the Ticketpro website, choose the event you want the tickets for and click on Tickets button or link, you will be redirected to the Ticketpro webshop.

2. Logging in

You must register to the webshop before the first purchase. If you have never made any purchase, you must register in the webshop.

Note: In the login and password, lower and upper case matters as well as the diacritics! If you choose "SmithJohn" as your login, it will not be possible to log in as "smithjohn", "Smithjohn" or "SMITHJOHN". The same rule also applies to the password. The password must contain at least 6 characters. It is in your interest to choose a safe password - never use your login as the password, sequence of the same letter, sequence of numbers, etc. We recommend combination of letters and numbers and special symbols like $, +, /, @ etc. 

To log into the system, you have to tick the box to agree with the Bussines Conditions. Please note there is time limit showing in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Adding Tickets to Shopping Basket

In the event you have selected, choose the number of tickets in the respective categories. Add the number of tickets to the shopping cart and click on the Shopping Cart button.

If the link Show Seating Map appears, a graphic map of the venue is available where you can choose individual seats.
Selection of a seat is completed by clicking with a mouse. You can cancel the selection by repeated click. Selected seats are shown in the upper part o fthe screen.

Places marked mostly with grey colour cannot be selected - they are already sold or they are not available for sale.
The colour of the seat represents the price category.

You can add the selected seats to the shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Basket button.

Notice: standing places are not shown in the map, they can only be chosen on the first screen.

4. Content of the basket

All selected tickets are shown in the shopping basket

The contents of the basket can be modified in the following way:

  • for selection of tickets for other events/concerts, type the requested event in the search field
  • for removing individual tickets from the shopping cart, click on the red cross
  • for complete emptying of the basket, click on the for complete emptying of basket click on the link Remove all

For purchase of tickets, click on the Towards Payment button.

5. Selecting the way of delivery

Before payment, it is necessary to select the way of delivery.
Only the available ways of delivery are shown (according to time limits), including prices for the service.

Delivery methods and fees:

  • Courier COD (cash on delviery, on into Hungary) - 3.900 Ft
  • Courier inside Hungary (paid by card) - 1.990 Ft
  • Courier into EU (paid by card) - 8.100 Ft
  • Courier outside EU (paid by card) - 19.100 Ft
  • Personal takeover (paid by card) - 490 Ft
  • E-ticket (paid by card) - free

In the next step you have to enter the delivery address. If you do not change the address, the address entered at the registration will be used. In personal takeover it is important that the name and surname correspond with the data on the identity card that you will show at the cash desk.

If you choosed Personal takeover delivery you can pick up your tickets in our central ticket office (1143 Budapest, Ilka utca 2-4) form second business day after the successful order.

6. Selecting the payment method

In the next step, choose the payment method - pay card or cash.

Pay card

If you pay by MasterCard, Visa or Visa Electron card, tick the type of the pay card and click on the Continue button. Then you will be redirected to the payment gate. There you will see identification of the seller you are just buying from (i.e. Ticketpro), then the amount and the order number. There you will enter the number of your pay card, the date of expiration of the card and the CVC2 or the CVV2 number. Do not enter any gaps into the card number.

Information about the pay card will not be provided to Ticketpro, the bank will only confirm to us in a few seconds whether the payment was successful. All communication between the bank and you is protected with high degree of encryption, it will not be disclosed to anybody.

Pay cash

If you have selected COD delivery method (only into Hungary) you should pay to courier by cash.

7. Completion of order

After successful completion of the order, its detailed description has to be displayed.

We recommend printing the description as the proof of purchase. The following confirmations will be sent to your e-mail address that you stated in the contact address:

  1. "Confirmation of Order Receipt" - after successful receipt of the order.
  2. "Order Confirmation" - after successful payment.

The confirmation e-mail messages are sent to the e-mail address entered at your registration in the Webshop. If there was a mistake in entering the address or there are some technical problems on the User's side, Ticketpro does not guarantee delivery of these e-mail messages.

8.Collecting E-Ticket

Log into the Webshop. On this site there is also the Download E-TICKET link.

When you click on it, the list of your E-Tickets will be displayed. Select the one you wish to download and clicking on the Download E-TICKET button will make it possible for you to download the E-Ticket to your PC.

Notice: One file contains all tickets from your order, i.e. up to 10 tickets. Its download may take some time.
E-TICKET is a ticket with a bar code that will be checked by a scanner upon presentation at the entrance to the venue, and the user will be let in.
After its scanning, the ticket cannot be used again. The person will be let in only with the ticket that will be shown and checked by the scanner as the first one. In any other presentation of the ticket or its copy, the ticket or copy will not be accepted and entrance to the event will be denied, regardless of the person presenting it.
To print the E-TICKET, the program enabling print of a PDF document will be necessary (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader).
E-TICKET is available only for selected events. If this option is allowed, it will be offered automatically to the user during the purchase.
TICKETPRO is not responsible for any troubles caused by unauthorized copying of the ticket. The ticket has to be kept at a safe place.