Print your tickets at home!

E-TICKET - Print it!


What is E-TICKET?

E-TICKET is a brand new ticketing methodwhat allows you to print your ticket at home, using your local printer connected to your computer.

How to get it?

First register at www.ticketpro.hu. Then, during your order please select E-TICKET as delivery method, when asked. Please note that not all the events is assigned to this delivery method.

How to pay for E-TICKET?

E-TICKET, as a delivery method is available only if you pay your ticket by credit card. Therefore, after you selected E-TICKET as delivery method the site offers you automatically the payment by card.

How will I get the E-TICKET?

Once the payment is done and confirmed by Ticketpro, visit Ticketpro site. Log in and click on Download E-TICKET button. You will find a PDF document there, download it to your computer, store and print, as you wish.

How to print the E-TICKET?

As we mentioned before, E-TICKET is a pdf document what can be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader, after downloading. If you don't have this software installed on your computer, you can download it for free from Adobe homesite. Once the document is opened please print it to a standard, white A/4 (or letter) sheet. For printing you can use both laser or ink printers..
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How it works?

There is a barcode stamped on your ticket. This barcode contains all of the information in connection with your order. Our staff checks this barcode at the event, before the admission.

Is E-TICKET is safe?

It is. The only thing you need to do is to keep your E-TICKET on a safe place, Do not let anyone to print or copy it.

I have more than one ticket in my order. How to print them?

If you ordered more tickets, the PDF document includes more pages. Make sure that you printall pages from the PDF, and also make sure that all pages are printed only once!

When to print E-TICKET?

Once you have the Email Confirmation you are ready to download your E-TICKET. Please be sure that your data are in safe on your computer, otherwise do not store your E-TICKET on your local computer. Once you have the file downloaded print it as you wish, and always keep your E-TICKET or PDF file in safe.