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Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, Budapest | Show location on map

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Details of event

Imagine a day that is all about stress, rush and failure... but at this time imagine it in a way that it is a day full of joy, entertainment and fun - a day that would stay with you as one of the best days of your entire life and would bring the most amazing changes into your life! A day where the main Protagonist is You, while you are listening to the world's best coaches, trainers and motivators on one of Hungary's biggest stages who came to share their knowledge with you on Wake-Up! Day. To help you wake up, stand up and step forward - right into your most brilliant self!

Our motivation

We'd like you to unleash your most extraordinary self and potential and live an extraordinary life. We made it our mission to bring and share the knowledge of the best of the bests with all the open-hearted and open-minded people like you - the ones who are looking to improve themselves and their quality of life. We would like to show ways and provide tools to self-knowledge, success and abundance - thus moving humanity further.

We believe that the way to happiness starts with self-knowledge - step out and start exploiting! Leave your comfort zone and push your limits with us and our guests on April 1st!

Wake up, stand up and step forward! Whichever stage you are at, Wake-Up! Day is the answer.


Lisa Nichols - one of the world's most sought-after transformational coaches, the star of "The Secret", bestselling author, media personality

Marisa Peer - leading celebrity therapist, motivational speaker, pioneering hypnotherapist trainer

Jeffrey Allen - former software engineer, energy healer, trainer, life coach

The couple with the brightest victories of 2016, Katinka Hosszú and Shane Tusup
Katinka Hosszú - triple olympic gold medalist, numerous world-amd European champion swimmer, the Hungarian #IronLady

Shane Tusup - former swimmer and swimming trainer, Katinka Hosszú's husband and trainer, businessman

Dr. Dénes Kemény - former national waterpolo player, who led the Hungarian National Waterpolo team for 15 years, triple olympic gold medalist coach, President of the Hungarian Waterpolo Federation, expert at Kemény Dénes Academy for Leaders

Anna Pásztor - singer, actress, artist - artista della vita

More speakers of the same extraordinary level shall join us soon.

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1056 Budapest, Váci utca 56-58.


  • Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, Stefánia út 2., Budapest